October 1, 2013

All natural hand sanitizer

With kids at school, parents working or just out and about there is one thing that is for sure...germs and bacterial will soon be knocking at your door!

Many schools have a policy that kids have to take hand sanitizer to school, while this is a good idea in theory the problem I have is what is inside these sanitizers.

Key Hand Sanitizer Ingredient May Cause More Harm than Good

While triclosan has been shown to kill most of the bacteria it encounters, both good and bad, bacteria that survive emerge stronger and thus harder to eradicate. Triclosan can also irritate skin and has been linked to higher rates of allergies and hay fever among children. Lab studies have found that triclosan can impair thyroid function, upset estrogen and testosterone levels, and promote problems that could interfere with fetal development.
Scientists have also grown critical of the chemical’s potential effects on the environment. Triclosan can now be found in rivers, streams, and the sewage sludge that’s often used to fertilize crops. It’s toxic to algae, phytoplankton, and other aquatic life. Its absorption by these organisms means it can spread through the food chain. Even consumers who avoid triclosan still risk exposure to the chemical.

Pretty scary stuff when you think that so many children are using this!!

So what is the alternative when you cannot get to soap and water...a NATURAL based sanitizer uses tea tree oil, lavender, peppermint and lemon essential oils as well as witch hazel and aloe vera gel.

Tea tree oil is very effective at killing germs because of its anti-bacterial nature.

Click on the following ingredients to read more about the benefits of each

Tea Tree oil 
Lavender essential oil
Peppermint essential oil 
Witch Hazel 
Aloe vera gel

Ok so now you know the ingredients ...here is how you make it.  This amount will make about 100ml.

1/4 cup Aloe vera gel (make sure it is natural and not the green coloured one)
1/4 cup Witch Hazel (I use non-alcoholic one but either will work)
30 drops Tea tree oil
5 drops lavender EO
5 drops peppermint EO
5 drops lemon EO (I used it just for scent so you can leave it out)
1 tsp Vitamin E oil (used as a preservative and softens your hands - you can leave it out if you wish) 

Mix well (I use a wire whisk) and fill your old hand sanitizer containers. Voila, natural hand sanitizer you can be sure is much safer for you and your children.

This will last probably about a month, especially if you have added the vitamin E oil.  Before using be sure to shake it, as the gel and witch hazel may separate a bit (it's no big deal, just shake and spray!)

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