April 25, 2013

Whipped Shea Butter

Beautiful Whipped Shea Butter Cream

Well I finally did it! I made my own whipped Shea butter cream...and oh my goodness it is the best thing ever!!
I had bought Shea butter a few months ago and have never gotten around to doing anything with it...was always looking for a good recipe and have finally found one that I like!

Raw Shea Butter

100 gr (4oz) of Raw Shea butter
3 Tbsp carrier oil (coconut, grapeseed, sweet almond oil, etc)
20-30 drops essential oils (lavender, any citrus, vanila) really anything you like
You can also add Vitamin E oil (2-3 capsules or 1 tsp) if you like

Mixer and bowl (yeah that's it!) 
Keep Whipping!

Place the shea butter in a bowl and mash it up a bit with a fork then add in the carrier oil, mash a bit more and then take your mixer (hand, or upright) and whipped the heck out of the Shea butter.  You will see the butter turn suddenly into a beautiful whipped cream-like consistency!  Add in the essential oils, (vitamin E) mix again for a second just to incorporate.  That's it...place in a nice jar and slather on!!

For me the smell of the Shea butter is very strong and nutty (you kind of have to get used to it!) I would prefer a more floral or 'vanilla' scent (that will be my next attempt!) but really the health benefits far outweigh the smell! I've used it on my hands and face and wow...soft as a baby!

Please go out and try some right away...you won't be sorry!  Oh and did I mention how cheap frugal this was!
I paid about $2.50 for the shea butter (3.5oz) and the coconut oil and EO's are very little in price. So I would say for about $3.00 I got a whole jar (about 4oz) of nice cream, best of all no additives, chemicals or any thing else nasty!


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