October 28, 2013

Let's learn together - Monthly Article 

October is all about fall harvest and all the bounty that has come from the earth ...ahh that sounded very homey...but really this is the time of year that we can make the most of natural, farm-field raised foods. 

What is in season now?
(This is for the Southern Ontario region) 

  1. Cranberries
  2. Pears 
  3. Plums  
  4. Beans 
  5. Beets 
  6. Carrots
  7. Cabbage 
  8. Celery 
  9. Corn 
  10. Mushrooms
see the whole list here: http://www.ontario.ca/foodland/availability-guide

Well you get the idea, there are lots of great fruits & vegetables out in your local farmers markets, so go out there and get all the great foods, experiment with new recipes...you never know what you may find!

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