November 2, 2012

Items you need to get started for DIY natural products

Forget the expensive products, most things you can
make at home for pennies per use!

You only need a few basics to start making your own products ...really there are numerous options but here are a few of my ideas to get you started.  With these products you can make anything from laundry detergent, floor cleaner, fruit & veggie cleaner, counter sanitizer, window cleaner, toothpaste, facial toner & cleanser, etc. (really endless!)

White Vinegar (used for sanitizing and cleaning)
Baking Soda (used for cleaning, scrubbing, laundry, etc)
Borax (used to laundry and cleaning)
Tea Tree Oil (antiseptic - used for cleaning, skin formulations, scent)
Hydrogen Peroxide (used in cleaning, laundry)
Rubbing Alcohol (used in cleaning) 
Coconut oil (antiseptic - used in cooking, beauty/skin products)

Some others that I recommend getting are:

Lemon & Lavender essential oils 
  - these are both anti-septic and help with cleaning
Washing Soda 
  - One of the primary ingredients in making your own Laundry detergent
  - Added to skin care products and DIY handsoaps
Vitamin E oil 
  - Added to skin care products for their skin benefits
Witch Hazel 
  - Anti-septic, facial toner, good for bug bites, etc
Castille Soap or another all natural liquid soap
  -used in making your own hand soaps and other beauty products

These are the actual products that I would suggest but there are also containers and other supplies that are good to have.

Various plastic (tupperware type) of containers.
Plastic jugs, jars, etc. 
Various size spray bottles.
Small travel size containers ie. bottles, hand pump bottles.

It's a good idea to start saving all your containers, like the laundry jug (perfect to store your DIY laundry detergent.  I like to save the container Parmesan cheese container, it works perfectly to 'sprinkle' baking soda onto surfaces, etc.   

Hope this helps you out in starting to make your own products! Don't wait just start out slowly...make small changes and you will see that it will become a habit and when it does you can add more and more healthy products that will keep you and your family healthy. 

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