November 2, 2012

Making the change to a natural, healthy lifestyle

     I've wanted to use and make natural, healthy products for years now but I've always felt overwhelmed by all the choices and options.  I just felt I could not make the change to a 'natural' lifestyle so I gave up before I even attempted it.
     Well fast-forward about five or six years and I have two small kids now, suddenly I've become much more aware of how almost everything you touch is full of chemicals, additives, or are modified so much that you can't even recognize it as 'food' anymore!
So that is why I've decided to make the change and go natural as much as possible.  Yeah I still, use sugar
butter, milk, flour, etc. I don't think I'll cut out all of these things as they have become a staple but I am trying to limit them in my cooking.  As for laundry, skin and beauty care products and the like, I feel that this is easier to change and have made lots of changes there.
    Welcome to the world of natural living, these are some of my ideas, thoughts and general ramblings about the subject of natural living.
Many of these ideas come from blogs and other online resources, I trying to give credit to the people who have posted it but some times I just don't have the link or it's something I have come up with using some other ideas.  If anyone sees something that belongs to someone else please let me know and I will post up the links.


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